Where it all began

C.J. DeJour is a singer/songwriter hailing from Montgomery, Alabama. She began singing around the tender age of six years old. She credits God and her parents for her ability to sing and her motivation to do so. She grew up listening to old school music, and began writing songs at the age of fourteen. When C.J first stepped into the studio seven years ago, she knew there was no turning back. Music had become her passion and her purpose.

DeJour credits artists and musical storytellers such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Lauryn Hill as being some of her greatest inspirations. Like them, C.J. wants to create a unique place where her listeners can soothe their souls and hear the beat of their own hearts. She writes to inspire and to help others. Her songs are “in the key of life,” she says. Through her music, she tells stories of things she’s endured including interpersonal relationships and the emotions that come from them. She sings about love, jealousy, hurt, being misunderstood, and her spiritual beliefs.

Her Inspiration

Like so many great songwriters, C.J. admits that ideas reveal themselves in different forms, at different times, and places. C.J. never holds back her creativity nor does she ever try to fit in. “I never want to be that person who loses herself in an image that was created for her. I can imagine that being a very frustrating and lonely place,” she says, despite the opinions of others. DeJour fittingly describes her music as being “eclectic.” Her music is raw, passionate, and emotive.

CJ Dejour has released her first EP “The Issues Of…”, and she is currently working on a second EP entitled “A Pen and A Prayer”. It will consist of inspirational and contemporary Christian songs, and should be released by the end of 2016.

Many of the songs in “A Pen and A Prayer” were given to her years ago. “I couldn’t take the build-up of songs inside of me anymore, and I had to be obedient to what I believe God is calling me to do, which is release them. During these hard times we all need inspiration and to know that we are loved, and that we can fight back against the advances Satan is trying to make on our lives. All I have is my pen, and my prayers. My prayer is that the music will bless someone tremendously, that lives will be changed, that people will be set free from bondage, and that the enemy will be stopped. ” She explains.
“The Issues Of…” is who I was, “A Pen and A Prayer” is who I am ready to be.” – CJ Dejour